Please Pardon Our Wonkiness!

    I want to apologize for the messy state has been in for the past several months! The theme I built the site with kind of fell apart in spectacular fashion. I’ve been so busy preparing for a really exciting opportunity that I haven’t had time to repair everything.     I still don’t exactly have time to get the site totally fixed up the way I would like it, but I wanted to at least do something so that the site would still be somewhat accessible. Thus please excuse the current state of Build Love! A lot of the basic information is still here, but a good amount of it will still be a bit wonky. I’m going to try my best to get it fixed, but I can’t make any guarantees. The next couple of months will be insanely busy! I’m preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity called The Halcyon Incubator! If you’re curious, you can learn more about it on my blog at     I’ll continue to do my best with the site whenever I can find time to work on it! Please know that our Etsy store is still up too! Feel free... read more

Yesterday’s News is Here!

     After months upon months of work, I am so thrilled & proud to debut my latest collection – Yesterday’s News! Headlines of yesteryear, transformed to be adored for generations to come.      Each piece in this collection contains original, antique paper from either a newspaper, magazine, or book from decades past. The collection spans from the 1890’s through to the 1960’s, chronicling the remarkable changes women of that era witnessed & fueled. I have combed through seven decades of antique print, looking for anything both aesthetically pleasing & rich with historic meaning.      Throughout my life, I’ve always loved antique printed material. This love of the words & images of yesteryear was inspired by my Grandfather, Carlton Cookson. One of my fondest childhood memories is of many happy hours spent with my Grandfather, wandering through his collection of old Life magazines. I was in awe of each gorgeous page, filled with handsome men in fine suits, and beautiful ladies who epitomized their era’s glamorous ideal. Each distinctive face captured forever, looking out at us from a miracle made of paper, each page a time machine taking us back to another time.      Those happy hours with Grandpa inspired a lifelong love of vintage print. So often our history books are only filled with significant events of war, conflict, or important people who were quite far removed from average, every day life. These newspapers & magazines contain a different perspective on our history. Even an antique advertisement can teach us so much about how our ancestors lived. How a product is marketed tells us about what spoke to the hearts & minds of... read more

Headlines of Peace

     While preparing my latest collection of jewelry – Yesterday’s News – I’ve had the privilege of exploring the pages of antique magazines, some more than a century old. I’ve found so many intriguing headlines, a multitude of fascinating articles, and wonderful works of art, most long-since forgotten. I want to share one such treasure in particular, which I used to create a pendant as part of the Yesterday’s News collection. I was inspired to create this pendant as a gift for a friend of mine named Karen, a nurse who has cared for me for over five years. She’s married to a soldier in the US military, and together they raise horses. When I found this particular piece, originally published in a May 1906 issue of Munsey’s Magazine, I knew it was destined for her.      This is the pendant I created, which I’ve called ‘Gallop‘. It shows the image of a rearing horse, a symbol for freedom & fearlessness. This horse was part of a three-page color feature at the very beginning of that 1906 issue. Color features were quite a novelty at the turn of the 20th century. In fact, Munsey’s was one of the first magazines in history to use color printing. They chose to use this new printing technology to publish a beautifully illustrated poem to honor the brave souls lost during the Civil War, and most importantly, to plead for peace & reconciliation among an only recently reunified & still grieving nation.      Part of me always feels guilty that in order to make these pieces of jewelry, I need to cut apart these beautiful old... read more